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Sean Williams

Sean Williams is a senior and is proudly serving as Troupe 3689's Treasurer on the 2022-2023 officer line. His position is a bridge between the student body and the Booster Club for communication and collaboration. He works with the Booster Club to organize fundraisers and to coordinate the box office. An actor and singer, Sean has featured in roles such as Harry Bright in Mamma Mia, Beleaguered Geek in Heathers: the Musical, and has starred as Felix Unger in the 2021 Clements Theatre production of the Odd Couple (Male Version). Sean is more than excited and proud to be your Treasurer this school year. Sean is extremely impressed with how this troupe has grown since his freshman year and wants everyone to know that you can always come and talk to him about anything. He also wants to say how much he loves you all and that he sees everyone's dedication and hard work.

(281) 703-3356

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