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     The Clements Theatre Arts Booster Club is a proud supporter of the Clements Theatre Department and
Thespian Troupe 3689. We strive to ensure that the department and students receive necessary
financial support for production needs and competition travel expenses and also volunteer support in
assisting with shows, workshops, and competitions. The Theatre Arts are an important piece of our
thespians’ education, and the Theatre Arts have an added benefit of promoting personal growth and
social development. The students involved in Clements Theatre give back more to the school and
student body in the work they do than they could ever possibly receive from our booster club. We feel
so fortunate to support these amazingly talented youths on their educational and artistic journey. It has
been an honor to work with the wonderful Mr. Gavin Mundy, advocating for these students and the department.
     The Clements Theatre Arts Booster Club is comprised of the families of our students. Parents,
Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and siblings have come together to play a vital role in assisting with the
needs of the students and Theatre Department. Production costs encompass set building, costumes,
makeup, props, lighting, sound, and advertising. Our booster organization offsets these costs through
fundraising from concession sales, an annual Haunted House, Kids Camp, sponsorships, and family
donations. Volunteers graciously donate their time to organize and work at these events. Volunteers
also assist with productions in set building, costume alterations and procurement, photography, and
publicity. Sharing time and talent with the students and directors benefits the entire program and is
essential for the Theatre program to continue to flourish. The Clements Theatre Arts Booster Club
proudly supports the directors and students in their efforts to maintain a solid foundation of learning
and growth and also their pursuit to dream beyond the stars.
     Anyone interested in joining the Clements Theatre Arts Booster Club can click here (https://chs- Password: “mundy”)
to learn more about membership dues and our structured donation and reward program. Our success is
driven by familial involvement, and we are happy to include all those desiring to make a positive impact
in the attainment of the needs, hopes, and dreams of these amazing Theatre students!

Robyn A. Reed Ph.D.

President, Clements Theatre Arts Booster Club


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